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Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Buying a sofa might be is the most important purchase that you made, you make sure you’re making the right choice

couch slipcover

Before you take the decision on buying a sofa for your home actually for your living room you better consider these points. Put in your mind that buying a couch is a very

black couch

important investment for your living room which is the most important room in our homes that you have gathering with

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your family and guests, we really spend a lot of time in family room to read, eat, drink, entertain, watching TV, playing board games.

We usually set on sofa 1600 times for all these activities we need to choose

A comfy sofa to set in it not to set on it and of course take measurements. So now there is some points to do before buying a sofa:

grey couch

1- Visit your favorite store and try many sofas

Try many sofas before you buy one because the seat size is various from one to another sofa


· Just try to set on the sofa see how the seat depth go with your leg if you are a tall person you need a good seat depth and it isn’t applicable to go with a narrow seat depth.

leather couch

· Also see how the seat kind is working with you which one you prefer a firm seat or fluffier with extra foam is better

· Don’t forget to think about the back cushion do you want it loose or firm which one is do support your back?

futon couch orange

· Which seat high do you feel comfortable with most seat height is between 17 inches up to 20 inches.

· Check the total width, excluding armrests, if you like to stretch out.

futon couch silver

· Before you buy it make sure it suits you and your family members.

Check All Material Quality Including


As I mentioned before we set on sofa 1600 times so we need a solid hardwood frame or there are some sofas have metal frame base that’s a very good option always opt for manufacturers who offer at least a 5 years guarantee.


· Best cushions material is feathers fillings, it is very comfortable as a seat or a cushion but they will need regular plumping.

· Foam or fiber fillings is good but need to fluffy it after seating or at least every two weeks because it may flatten out and lose their shape over time

· So, if you could buy a sofa with seating and cushion has a combination of feather and foam is the best option since feathers give the squish while the foam provides structure.

· another good option is to buy a sofa that has a back cushion filled with feathers and seat cushions filled with foam or fiber


Choose upholstery fabric which is durable and heavy duty. Synthetic fabric is a good choice for a sofa because it is easy to clean specially if you have kids or dogs and also synthetic is better than Natural fabric material if the sofa is facing a strong sunlight if the sofa is close to a window

4- Draw a floor plan to your room to get best sofa measurements

Use your tape measure and make sure you're certain of the maximum sofa dimensions that will fit, and suit, your space.

5- Don’t forget about your doors measurements and also stairs in case if the sofa will be in the second floor or up so you should do the right measurements specially depth

Sofa that have the same height for arms and back is not easy to go through some doors and stairs so be careful to get all measurements before buying it.

One good idea for stairs and doors trouble is top have sectional sofa since it is easy to handle through your stairs.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

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