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Updated: Jun 9

Interior design style is an open loft space or open plan using a lot of raw materials as stainless steel, iron, concrete, wood. And when it comes to light using a spotlights and things that are meant to be on a photography set but in your actual space.

coffe and side table

If you love industrial design but don’t know how to start to get the look:

picture by Ruman Records Design


1- Keep it minimal

Open loft, raw industrial spaces, and vintage factories inspire the look. Fixtures, lamps, and furnishings should have a fussy minimal aesthetic.

Avoid excessive ornamentation or distracting details.

picture by Ruman Records Design

2- At any design light plays a very important role. In choosing a geometric open frame chandeliers or geometric pendants. Factory inspired elements such as gears, pulleys, and piping add to the industrial feel.

3- Industrial style using a strong statement over scale furniture pieces for example, use a metal big etagere or bookcase in an open concept loft as a room divider which doesn’t have a back to it and decorate it with some glass vase and raw wooden accessories.

4- Because industrial elements are cold style colors so you need to use some warm brown color leather chair or sofa and add a green tree or a piece of quartz to bring your design to life.

lights with modern design

5- Exposed elements. Industrial celebrates the underlying forms of a design. You could recreate this feel line forms of a design with exposed unfinished look is a key appeal of the style.

6 - Add open plan kitchen your space using rough wood and mix them with polished concrete or with some nice metal top and add also add some cool barstools.

picture by Ruman Records Design

7 - NO pattern here so for industrial pillow or rugs might be abstract pattern or solid color.

8- Keep it natural, Think bare metals, woods, or concrete. Finishes are often left in a raw unfinished state. This helps give a weathered time-worn appearance. Design crafted from reclaimed woods perfectly express the look.

9 - Add black and white art especially if it is a big size photographs to add this extra level of uniqueness beauty.

picture: Ruman Records Design

10 - Stay neutral, muted color tones, such as blacks, browns, and gray tones fit will with the style. Use textiles or furnishings in monochromatic, subdued, or neutral colors. Use some or all of these elements of industrial style to update your space. Industrial style is a worm cozy open space.

picture: Ruman Records Design

11 - Use a the grish wood color for furniture and also use a rough texture wood to add a beauty of industrial look.

12 - The best windows is the old metal black framed windows and and heavy industrial doors never loose this elements.

13 - To design an industrial style bathroom use minimal color palette from 2 to 3 colors especially black and white and complement it with the neutral color of the wood and using subway tiles with some pipes decor elements or shelve.

picture: Ruman Records Design

14- instead of building walls in the space use a metal partition reflects the window design with a Cretal doors or metal doors and add Roman blinds as window treatment because it didn't cover the window too much

15- Use unusual objects to give your space this unique original look as musical instruments, or any vintage collectable items as arts.

16 - For furniture keep it minimal modern and simple functional pieces.

shop chairs

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