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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

eclectic interior design


The goal of Eclectic interior design style is to mix widely different styles from different time period that together create a pleasing space.

Variety is the best word to define eclectic style but there is a very fine line between eclectic and a big mass!

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There are three reasons why eclectic design is so popular:

1- Buying matching furniture sets is out of fashion

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2- Easy incorporate from your favorite styles & family heirlooms and your travels too.

3- Highly adaptable to change over time

The Rules for Eclectic Style

1- Must have harmony between all design elements, to achieve this harmony:

· choose at least two neutrals colors plus two to three accent colors or more.

· Avoid pattern on your walls as wallpaper, except for powder rooms.

· Mix your furniture and accessories pattern, for example use different pattern in the same color or use the different color pallet in the same


· Use and repeat a variety of texture in your space as leather, cotton, polyester, velvet, glass, metal, wool,….ect

2- Define your room focal point for example a fireplace is a good focal point, or one stand out piece as great painting or special furniture piece.

3- Let function lead you more than the style in eclectic style.

4- It is all about the balance to proportion and scale of your furniture pieces, put in your mind that eclectic is great for small spaces

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5- When you design with a certain style as for example Eclectic style you might design every room to be Eclectic too, so don’t decorate each room with different style.

As we said the goal of Eclectic interior design style is to mix widely different styles from different time period that together create a pleasing space.


1- Plan for three different styles per room will work well, for example use Transitional, French & Contemporary styles since most of their pieces have curved lines.

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- OR you could choose Industrial, Contemporary and Boho house styles, they work well because they have the clean and straight lines.

Eclectic also is to combine of Old and New décor pieces as Antique pieces with contemporary ones.

- In dining room you could achieve the eclectic style by combining a different chairs styles and texture as metal with wooden chairs.

- Easy way for your color pallet is to choose a neutral color for your walls and vibrant colors for the others combined with neutral colors too.

- Contrast is very important for eclectic style so black and white is one of the eclectic choices.

- Very important is to use metal as chrome,

- Layering two rugs is working well for this style.

- For art works, gallery wall works great with this style spicily when you use the same color frame, same type of images or large white mate for each image to make a focal point.

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