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Successful Home Staging That Can Make Your Home Stand Out

Updated: Jun 9

Successful Home Staging That Can Make Your Home Stand Out

If you’re putting your home up for sale, the last thing you want is for it to sit on the market without any interest from buyers. You’ll be happy to learn that there are some simple things you can do to pique buyers’ interest and get your house sold. Read these pro tips to learn more about staging your home so it stands out from the rest:

Lighten the Load

A house lived in for many years is likely to accumulate some amount of clutter, and the reality is that clutter can be a turnoff to buyers. With that in mind, develop a plan for decluttering. Plan to prioritize the rooms according to the severity of the clutter and then create a system for clearing the rooms one at a time.

Generally, the types of clutter you’ll be dealing with are likely items that have no set storage area, old papers like magazines that you’ve already read, and things you bought on sale but never actually used. You should be prepared to have four different piles: keep, donate, sell, and discard. If you’re paring down things you want to keep for your next home, plan to store them elsewhere so they won’t be in the way when showing your home.

Create a Blank Canvas

You may have spent some time giving your home the personal touch so it’s just the way you like it. Now that you’re selling it, you’ll need to make the house more neutral because home buyers may have different tastes, and they need to imagine themselves living in the space.

You can depersonalize your home by removing items such as family photographs from the living room and personal products from the bathroom. In the bedroom, use neutral-colored linens and curtains. If you have highly specific or torn furniture, then put those pieces in storage until the house has been sold. If you have a piece of furniture that has a stain, you can either move it to storage or hire a professional furniture cleaner to remove the stain. Once you’ve read reviews and narrowed down potential cleaners, make sure to ask for referrals from satisfied customers and avoid hiring a furniture cleaning company if they don’t use the proper tools.

Brightly colored rooms should be repainted to a more neutral palette, and you can choose from a variety of grays, beiges, and whites depending on the room. For instance, white works well for kitchens and bathrooms, while off-white may work better for bedrooms. Another option is to revamp your walls with elegant and customizable wallpaper. Peel-and-stick wallpaper options can be easily applied, and if you use a customized design that is printed for order, you won’t have to worry about it not being in stock so you can start this project sooner.

Get Your House in Order

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the clutter and removed your personal items, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your house. Set up your furniture for uncrowded, comfortable traffic patterns, and consider adding light in dim areas to open them up.

Rooms that buyers see as soon as they walk in should be the most carefully staged. You’ll want to keep the kitchen counter clear, other than a bowl of fruit or some fresh flowers. If you have open shelving, make sure you have some decorative items on them, but don’t fill the shelves.

If you’re unsure of how to stage your home, you can research listings in your area to see how others have staged their home. But if you really want your listing to stand out in your housing market, consider working with a professional interior designer Lamyaa Hassan to achieve a more inviting and premium aesthetic.

Last But Not Least

If you’re working with a real estate agent, then your work is mostly complete. However, if you’ve decided to show the house yourself and handle the marketing aspects, then there’s more to do. Taking real estate photos to promote your house online is no easy job. Experts recommend that you use a wide-angle lens, and be vigilant of what may appear in windows when taking pictures. You should also focus on the positive areas and ensure you have enough lighting to take good photos.

As HGTV explains, planning an open house requires a lot of time, work, and research. If you’re doing this yourself, then you should check out the competition, prepare a property description sheet, and advertise the open house through online classifieds and flyers. On the day of the open house, you should be personable with each guest and offer refreshments. Make sure to get feedback on the property and get the guests’ information so you can follow up after the open house.

A little home staging can go a long way toward securing your sale. Declutter your whole home, neutralize the decor, and show each space in the best light possible. Better yet, reach out to Interior Connection for design inspiration and assistance. Thanks to your hard work, your home will be a stand out to buyers!

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