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Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Generally, when you decorate a shelf, mental or a bookcase try to tell a story with colors or direction of accessories items and also personalize your decoration with some pictures

floating shelves design

floating shelves design

frames or items that you bought through your travelling other state or countries. Play with leveling, and grouping your

accessories, don’t lined them up on the shelf. You need to accessorize with a conversation between items so don’t use odd items


1- Leaning the art or frame and layering them by using different heights of the art or frame.

2- When you are accessories a shelf on a hallway put a small elegant box or tray to save your keys inside, it is a good idea to don’t forget them before your leaving your home.

3- Accessories your shelves with books use them vertical and others horizontal and it is good also to put many sizes and colors of books.

floating shelves for bedroom

4- Use a good size and look candles to decorate shelves and give your home a good smell

5- Of course, vases with flowers it really always gives your home a fresh look

6- Decorate with levels and different heights, never decorate with the same size, same heights, or color always attract eyes with variety of colors, heights, and, sizes

white floating shelves

7- Hang a piece of art behind your shelf and a little above on your accessories it looks more part of this shelf styling, that’s why don’t hang it too high.

It is always better to hang your art at eyes level to give a good look and specially at hallways or in your home office.

black floating shelves

8- You could decorate with an empty vase if it is a special peace as crystal vases

9- It is a good idea to paint shelves the same color of your wall in small space as bathroom or a hallway to choose

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