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Styling a Nightstand

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

styling a nightstand

Styling a Nightstand

Art – Silver Branch – Box – Lamp – Twine ball – Nightstand – Headboard – Sham - Pillow

Styling a nightstand or, a bedside table adding a touch of beauty to your bedroom. A nightstand décor style even a traditional or minimalist style give a real impact on the look of any bedroom.

You could style a traditional bedside table or nightstand using one or three of the following: a lamp, books, small accessories, a small floral arrangement, a piece of art on the surface.

But a minimalist nightstand may only have a simple lamp and a clock.

Any night stand style should have the following rules:

1. A good size nightstand

2. Table lamp

3. Appropriately scale to bed and room size

4. A variety of shapes and texture Accessories

HOW TO CHOOSE A Nightstand

1-It is about your style decide on more fashionable or, classic style.

2- Also you should decide you want the nightstand to be the centerpiece of your room or another piece as wall art, headboard, or table lamp.

In case you prefer classic look then go ahead and choose a high-quality piece of furniture, that coordinates with your dresser

On the other side, if you prefer to use a fashionable nightstand in your bedroom, so it’s better to choose a piece isn’t part of a suite of furniture.


If you want a higher quality piece, make sure you look for quality indicators, such as solid wood, dovetail joinery on the drawers, high quality hardwoods, and sturdy hardware. A piece like this will be more expensive, but will last and look great for a very long time.


1- Choose the right style of night stand

2- Find a good size and look table lamp

3- Choose piece of art or a picture frame

4- Choose something round as flowerer small vase.

5- Choose something rectangle as some books, tissue holder, or decorated box

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