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Reviving Your Home After the Pandemic

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Reviving your home

After spending a long time inside during the pandemic, you may have grown bored with your regular home decor. Redoing parts of your home, such as renovating your deck or rearranging your bedroom or kitchen, may start to seem tempting.

For anyone planning to sell soon, these changes could be a major asset as well. Pay attention to what kinds of renovations sell in your local market, take before-and-after photos of the renovations and keep the receipts for future home appraisal should you decide to list your house. These tips can help you make the best choices for your lifestyle and budget.

Take a Big Step

Knocking down a wall or entirely redoing your bathroom may seem overwhelming at first, but can actually be just what you need to make your house feel vibrant again. The added space and new room arrangement can also allow for a more cozy living area where sofas and chairs face each other.

Home improvement is a hot topic right now, and investing in your house can help you out in the long run when it comes time to sell. Features like relaxing living rooms and renovated fireplaces require a significant amount of space, which is perfect for anyone feeling bored about their current empty yard. Adding a new place to relax can make any houseguests feel like they are in a totally new house when they come to visit!

Of course, financing your home improvement project could be tricky if you don’t have enough money in the bank to cover the expenses. One way to cover the cost of these improvements is by refinancing your mortgage, which can help lower your monthly payment and, in turn, free up cash for your projects. Make sure to do plenty of research to ensure the financing option makes sense for your situation.

When you’re ready to get started on your home improvement project, work with Interior Connection to create a livable, luxurious space that you’ll be very proud of.

Brave the Great Outdoors

Did you know that over 80% of homeowners made changes to their home's exterior during the pandemic? After sheltering in place for a while, you may look at the landscape around your house and wish it had something more to feel alive.

Not only can you add life with a variety of trees and flowers, but you can also purchase fountains or water features as well for an added touch of relaxation. If your yard is cramped due to overgrown trees, a local tree removal service can advise you on taking the trees out altogether or, better yet, pruning them and incorporating them into your living space. These changes can add to your home’s curb appeal, too!

Switch Up the Colors

One of the most eye-catching changes you can make is to repaint your walls in a fresh color. A new palette can go a long way. This one change can leave you feeling renewed every time you walk in from a long day out. Certain color schemes, such as ones that complement each other or have similar temperatures, can leave you feeling renewed and energetic every time you step into a room. It can also catch the eye of anyone looking to purchase your house if you choose to sell.

Add More Places To Enjoy

Building a new playroom for your children or an office for your significant other can not only be useful but enjoyable as well. According to interviews by NPR, people who decided to try building and adding these areas to their homes after the start of the pandemic found that it fit their lifestyle and needs better than they ever imagined.

Not only can you develop a space to spend quality time with your family, but you can also make room for any guests or extended family who may want to stay with you now that visiting is an option again. An additional bathroom is perfect for hosting parties or entertaining anyone traveling from far away.

Choosing building projects that fit your taste can help you change your house from merely functional to fun. With a bit of planning and renovation, you do not have to wait any longer to start living in your dream home. After all, “Home is where life happens.” Photo credit: Unsplash

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