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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

living room decorating

Most living rooms are usually rectangular in shape, and we need to consider the following:

1- 1-window 2- fireplace placement 3- not enough wall space because of too many room openings 4- transitions 5- functionality issues such as where to put the sofa in relation to the TV when there’s no real place to actually put TV!

We should understand that;

o furniture does not always have to go up against a wall.

o Float that sofa in a room if you can, move it out of a corner

o angle some things

o do what works best for YOU, not what you think you have to do.

What Color Should I Paint My Room?

Picking a paint color has to be one of the most “design paralysis-inducing” things for most people. It feels SO permanent, but really it’s totally not.

Is prepping and painting a hassle? Yup.

Is it reversible if you end up hating it? Also yup.

So with that said, go forth and be bold, but if you also just want a tried-and-true white, it is a personal choice!

What size rug should I use?

Here’s what I’d advise most people: when in doubt, go larger than you think. Deciding between a 5×8 and an 8×10? If budget allows, always do the 8×10 for an area rug.

As much of your furniture as you can place on the actual floor

covering will always be a cleaner look.

What do I do with this blank wall?

What is it about a blank space that makes people’s minds go as empty as the wall they’re trying to fill? Show me a room full of stuff and I can tell you 10 things I’d change. But bareness, now that’s daunting. Good news, though: We have plenty of experience and ideas in the art department, from creating gallery walls, to where to buy large-scale art (for cheap) and even unexpected “non-framed art” options for when you want to get a little edgy.

Where do I buy lighting & what kind do, I need?

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