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Updated: Jun 9, 2023


Always consider what you don’t want to reflect with your mirror to avoid place it in front of that as Toilet, and also avoid it facing a sun.

In the same time consider a beauty to reflect as a plant or outdoor, a beautiful wallpaper, a piece of art that you love, amazing sculpture

mirror decorating

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Mirror is a great for many spaces to expand the space, but where you could successfully place a mirror?

mirror design

1- For sure don’t decorate a dining room with a mirror facing dining chair because it is very destructive for people setting on the chairs eating and looking at themselves.

mirror design for modern home

2- Great position for mirrors is opposite windows since it reflects the outdoor into your space and double the lighting onto your room

3- Also, it is very functional to place mirror in home entrance to have a last look for yourself before leaving and it is also expanding the place.

modern mirror

4- Another choice is to hang 2 mirrors over the nightstands beside bed

5- Don’t face a mirror to your bed it brings a negative power while your sleeping as Feng Shui rules.

6- If you have a console on your entry of course it is good to hang a mirror on the top of it.

7- A popular place to hang your mirror above is Fireplace the space between mirror and top of fireplace should be 5 to 6 inches to easy decorate this space with some accessories as books or picture frames.

8- If your wall tall is bigger than width it is better to hang a mirror vertically to draw up your eyes with the tall wall.

remodeling bedroom with mirror

9- But if the width of wall is bigger than tall then hang mirror horizontally to play the width rather than height

10- On the top of vanity on bathroom the perfect size is at least smaller than your vanity 1 inch on each side.

11- On the top of dresser, always hang your mirror on a height is working for your tall.

modern bedroom with decorating mirror

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