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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

How to Pair Rugs in Open Concept Spaces


Believe or not you can save money by layering two rugs!

Layering rugs is defining the space of your room specially if

you have an open concept or oversize room.

Also layering rug make it a focal point for your room and add a good contrast to your space.

There are four rules for that

1- Choose a different texture for base and top rug

2- Choose a different size for top and base rug

3- Choose a neutral base color and a pop bold of color for your top rug

4- Put your high budget for the top rug and the low budget for the base rug.

Also, you add more than texture to your floor.

To layer rugs first you need to know what size you need so do all measurements for that. Let’s say for example you’re layering rugs for your dining room so you might take your dining table measurements width and depth and add to this the width of your chair then the total is the minimum size for the top rug size.

And the base rug will be bigger as you need for your room size.

Your base rug is better to be neutral color to allow yourself to add a bold color or a statement color for your room design and also to add whatever pattern you like.

Don’t use the texture for top and base rugs so add different texture than the other rug as fiber rug, Kilim, sisal rug or Jute rug.

Your base rug shouldn’t be a very thick one to allow yourself to put another rug.

Choose any rug you like as top as we said different texture so you could add Cowhide rug, Furry rug, sheepskin rug, wool rug, the different between top rug and base rug from measurements from every side might be at least 10 to 12 inches or more.

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