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Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design. Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles.

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1- Use a neutral color scheme, very calm color pallet as a grays, Ivory, whites, sands, beiges and bold dark colors, like midnight blue, charcoal, and black are the right on Trend in more masculine transitional decorating style.

2- Transitional style Known as updated classic style with a contemporary twist, so it is a timeless clean style with a minimal of accessories to keep the focal on the simplicity and sophistication of the design so use colorful accessories to add brightness with colorful curtains and decor .

3- Transitional style Wood finish is a warm color but can range from a natural finish to a high gloss lacquer.

- Add Traditional statement furniture piece as a dresser, mirror, table, console, anything that stands out such as large wood dining table, dresser, to add a craftsmanship.

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4- Focused on the comfort, functional and practicality to meet the active lifestyle.

5- Of course, you still could use a pop of color on wall art throw, or pillows but it is better to choose a calm pop color.

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6- Use texture in pillows and curtain but be sure that you don’t mix a lot of colors, it is more ideal here to use the same color in different shades or different textures. Use cushions with contemporary print or pattern to Bright a transitional home.

source; Toll Brothers

7- Since traditional design is most likely brownish worm color it is good to use another element Décor in cold color as blue as light blue pillows.

8- Here transitional is more welcoming style than contemporary cold color pallet because it has a worm color from traditional style.

9- It is a good tip to use a contemporary rug for example with other traditional brownish coffee table and neutral colors sofa and accent chairs plus adding some light blue or green pillows and some green plants while you decorate your living room.

10 - Use furniture that has both contemporary and traditional features.

11 - Add an inspirational contemporary Chandler or a contemporary artwork to get a fantastic focal piece.

12 - Use metallic accessories as gold, bronzer or copper for example use sophisticated picture frames or metal plant pots.

12 - In bedrooms it is better to use patterned neutral colors rugs and layer it with a solid color carpet for more cozy feeling.

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