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Updated: Jun 9, 2023


Scandinavian interior design style is a very popular style, many people like to decorate as a iconic Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish furniture design.Scandinavian style is full off minimal aesthetic, It’s an inviting bright décor style. Scandinavian is a cozy clean bright look with that signature of minimal touch.

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We all know that Ikea style is a Scandinavian style furniture who carry the concept of that we all should be able to afford beautiful and functional furniture in our homes.


1- Keep your space simple and functional

Simplicity which is affording needs of the design by very simple design lines so keep decorative accents minimal, such as elegant ceramic vases in organic shapes. For example, a living room will generally look beautiful, but it will also have everything you need to feel comfortable, think about everything you need to make your space work perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

2- Adopt the Art of "Hygge"

The Danish word HYGGE is a feeling you have when you create a warm, ambient space that highlights the good things in life, and It's about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. Scandinavian designers always use these kinds of artworks as abstract art drawing, landscape, oil portrait, or textural painting with a very thin frame in a black or white color or pale wood color frame

3- Add Warm Texture

Since Scandinavian countries are very beautiful cold countries, they need to have warmth home feeling so they always using chunky knit blankets, sheepskin throws, natural wood, and leather, to add warmth to the overall look." Also use warm lights, candles, floor rugs specially textured rugs as fury and wool rugs, add a velvet or soft fabric texture.

4- Stick to a relatively neutral palette

To get the look of Scandinavian style stick to a relatively neutral palette, earthy and washed-out shades often associated with nature. Scandinavian color pallet is going around these color, black and white with natural accents and other very calm colors as gray, pale wood tones, off-white, soft pink sage green tapes, navy blue and metallic accents For example, a dark gray linen duvet cover with light gray pillows and a fresh white sheet will add interest. and an element of coziness. A soft blanket at the end of the bed will also make your bed looks inviting. Also, one of rules in this style is a light hardwood floor.

5- Clutter Free

A golden rule of Scandinavian design is to keep your space clutter-free. Less is more, so make optimal use of storage spaces, and most importantly, be willing to let go of any unnecessary items taking up precious space. The result will be a more visually relaxing atmosphere.

6- Generous amount of wooden furniture

Consider when you choose furniture, very high-quality natural materials such as leather, wood, wool, and linen, which will stand the test of time. Combine wood and metal furniture and accessories such as brass and copper sconces, and metal coffee, or side table.

7- Adding plants and flowers

Bring the beauty of outside into your home by adding plants, flowers babbles and shells from the nearby beach, a living element of beauty and color in the home makes us feel even closer to nature.

8- Maximize the natural lights

Maximize the natural lights go into your room by limit a window treatment by using a sheer curtain and there is always a near-invisible blackout blind tightly rolled up behind the linen or sheer for summer nights when the sun barely dips below the horizon.


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