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How to choose home flooring in interior decoration

Home Interior Design How to choose home flooring in interior decoration

The choice of flooring for the house is based on several principles, for example the following - Budget Flooring - Lifestyle for people who stay at home - The style or style to base the house on HOME STYLE When choosing flooring in the house it is very important to determine the desired style inside the house, if, for example, the style in which the furniture is intended is rustic and classic, then dark colors are very appropriate / As for the colors of cement concrete, which is dark gray or gray in its degrees, it is very suitable. If the preferred style is Scandinavian or contemporary then light colors are very suitable for both. Define the color palette in which to brush

In this way, that is, when we define the color palette, the choice of colors is the design aims at consistency and not competition between colors. People who like dark colors in furniture, such as black or dark gray, prefer here to use contrast colors with light floors so that we can dominate in the design of the house the feature of harmony in colors and not conflict. On that, we can see from here that the unsuccessful design depends on only one color in the design, and the most successful here is that the design depends on consistent colors that are not competing. The choice of tile and flooring colors depends on the HOME STYLE, the intensity of natural and artificial lighting inside the house, and the desired function of this floor. Choosing the bathroom and kitchen floor may differ from the bedroom and living room choice. The more lighting in the house gives us the opportunity to choose darker floors so that we can make a design drama with Contrast work with high natural lighting inside the house.

But if the natural lighting inside the house is dim, then it is better to use light colored floors in order to make the house shine.

Purchase a sample of flooring Choose a sample of the floors to test it with the rest of the house colors and test this is the sample

from the floor with the lighting of the house, whether it is natural or industrial lighting in the house, any test of this floor at different times of the day at the beginning of the day, the middle of the day, near sunset and also at night, i.e. when using Industrial lighting and when the psychological comfort of this color is completely complete with the rest of the elements, this floor is chosen and the appropriate quantity is calculated and purchased. How to choose the floor to match the size of the room Whenever the room is small, we have to choose light colors for the floor, and it is also preferable for wall paints to be in light colors in small places. Determine the function of the flooring

The floor is chosen based on the floor function in the interior space For example, kitchens, bathrooms, and places where there are young children or the elderly do not need very soft floors in order to avoid slipping on this floor, especially in bathrooms and kitchens with the presence of water

Determine the direction of flooring installation In the case of rectangular spaces, it is better in open spaces such as the reception or the open concept for the floors to be perpendicular to the entrance to the house. But if his rooms are of limited dimensions, it is better to choose the largest sofa in the room and install the tiles in a direction parallel to the sofa. How to calculate the number of meters and the required quantity of floors We measure the length of the room and its width and the length is multiplied by the width, for example if the dimensions of the room are five meters in length by five meters in width, then the area is 25 square meters, then we add from 10% to 15% in order to calculate the rumbling of the tiles, so the total is approximately 30 square and the waste increases Whenever the size of the slab is large or long, and accordingly, if the budget is limited, it is preferable to buy medium sizes and not very large floors. Types of floors The flooring types are divided into 1- Natural materials Marble Granite Natural woods Travertine Slate 2- Industrial raw materials Porcelain Ceramic Manufactured wood Vinyl Let's talk here in detail about some of the materials Comparing marble with porcelain

Marble is a natural material that cannot be compared in its beauty and divine natural forms by tradition with industrial raw materials. It adds beauty and luxury of a special kind to any design. But when comparing marble and porcelain, porcelain here is practically better than marble because it does not require maintenance and its shapes are much more than marble, and also when we compare porcelain with large sizes that reach three meters by 120 cm, it is practically better than marble in terms of Ease of transporting porcelain tiles than their counterparts of marble of the same size, where the weight of transporting marble requires a lot of restrictions because marble as a natural material is fragile because it is more porous than an industrial material. In terms of the time that marble needs in installation, it is twice the time that we need in installing porcelain, where first we need to choose the appropriate marble table, then cut it to the required sizes, then transport it to the house and install it as a rough ore, then polish it several times and finally add polishes and insulators .. But of course the result is wonderful. And unique, especially in the distinctive types of marble. Industrial raw materials Comparison of ceramic and porcelain In fact, porcelain is completely different from ceramic, and its uses are also broader than the uses of ceramic, for example - Porcelain is used in the outside space of building OUTDOOR such as gardens and entrances to homes because it does not absorb water because it has no pores and therefore does not absorb moisture or rain water and it is made of sand and enters in very high temperature furnaces and thus it has a high strength of stamina. As for ceramics, its strength and hardness is much less than Porcelain. - Ceramics is made of clay material, then it enters the oven and after leaving the oven, a layer of the desired color is added to its surface, then after that, glaze is added to the last surface and this liquid gives the ceramics the shape of the semi-circular edges. The back of the tile cannot be the same color as the surface of the tile, but the porcelain, especially the good ones, the tiles at full thickness have the same color. Also, ceramic tiles are known by their weight, because the weight of ceramic is much less than the weight of the same size of porcelain tiles One of the advantages of porcelain that is similar to marble is that it is laser cut at a 90-degree angle, so the spaces between the tiles are very small and give a feeling of extension in contrast to the ceramics, so the oblique angle in the edges of the ceramic results in a clear distance between each of the two tiles. Comparison of natural wood parquet with industrial HDF

parquet is one of the natural materials that give the interior a sense of warmth and luxury, as any natural material has a special feel and beauty different from the industrial, but its maintenance is usually not easy and it is preferable to use HDF,

especially the good types. Since parquet is a natural material of natural wood and is subject to expansion and shrinkage with heat and humidity, and therefore, like any natural material, it needs maintenance from time to time, and the prices of natural parquet are more expensive than industrial wood. The stages of installing the parquet are multiple and the time it takes is several days Industrial wood consists of a high percentage of natural wood shavings, then a dish of treated wood is added to it against water, insects and fire, and this layer is not industrial, so the rate of expansion and moisture absorption is much less than natural wood in addition to the advantage that it is treated against water, insects and high temperature The top layer of HDF or laminate is a layer that is also resistant to friction, and the more the AC is added to this layer, the resistance to friction increases, and thus it can be used in places with high movement such as shops. HDF has different thicknesses, including 8 mm, ten mm or 12 mm, but in fact our homes only need a thickness of 8 mm and the higher thickness is not important with the rate of movement inside the house, so the high thickness may cause some problems with doors, so the more this thickness we need To reduce the height of the doors so that we can open and close the door easily. And it must be taken into account that the HDF has a natural part that allows it to expand and contract, and therefore each room must be independent with a partition at the doors in order to allow the wood to expand. And when we say that industrial wood is fire-resistant, this means that if you fall on it with cigarette residues or the like, it will not affect it. And when we say that it is waterproof, it may withstand some water on it for a few hours or more, but not a day, and we must take care to remove the water as quickly as possible. Travertine limestone It is a natural material that resembles marble and at times we call it marble, but it is less efficient than marble because it contains large pores and thus its ability to absorb liquids much more than marble and the forms of limestone are beautiful, especially when used in the facades of houses and stairs of buildings and on the floors of the interior space and also in Outdoor gardens Vinyl material With the industrial progress now, this material has developed greatly and it is now tiles of many shapes and sizes and is beautiful and it has many advantages that may be compared to ceramics, but ceramic remains better than it because it is still a plastic period I hope that we have succeeded in explaining how to choose tiles in homes. We welcome all your questions and all your opinions about decor. We are happy to answer all your inquiries in the world of decoration. Lamia Hassan is an interior designer who has studied interior design in Egypt and USA. More than twenty years of experience in interior design, where I designed and implemented many projects inside Egypt. And in America, and I believe that a good decoration is what reflects the personality of those who live in this place

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