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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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Decorating is how to coordinate colors, textures, furniture, art works, and accessories. The hippieness for decorating lovers is picking out accent decorations, hunting for that one perfect statement piece that will bring their personality into a room

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1- Don’t accessorize a room with too many little things, it is better to put the same budget for less and larger accessories.Think BIG when accessorizing!

2- Accessories with what will reflect your personality and your style, let your visitors see you in each piece of your home decor

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3- Accessorize your home by layering It can be a bit of an art and most of us need to spend a little time working on it to achieve a pleasing-to-the-eye look!

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4- Put a lot of efforts on picking accessories with different textures, heights, materials, balance, and size. All the decor layers you add to your home should work together! Remember that the goal of accessorizing should be all about bringing interest, beauty and for sur

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e function into a room.

5- Arrange your accessorize in an area, stand back and look at it, edit, add and change things up, until you feel good about them.

6- It is important to group things together, in different sizes, and heights in a tray or crate on your coffee table, or

7- Pillows are great element to decorate a room it adds amazing beauty of a room! Easy to change up pillows! Playing with pillows or changing them totally change the look of the entire room!

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