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How DIY Projects Can Make You Do a Double Take at Your Next Paycheck

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

How DIY Projects Can Make You Do a Double Take at Your Next Paycheck

Home improvement projects can not only be fun but also very rewarding at the end of the day. After all, there's something enormously satisfying about seeing your DIY projects come to life. And even more so, when a DIY hobby turns into an income-making opportunity that you never saw coming. Feeling inspired yet? Well, then read on to see why you should get started with it. Here are s

ome tips brought to you by Interior Connection.

Home renovations

Indeed, undertaking home DIY or renovation projects isn't for everyone. However, if this happens to be your thing, it could very well end up being an in-demand skill that others would pay you to do for them!

However, renovations aren't cheap. So, you might want to consider taking out a home equity loan to fund your renovations from the beginning right through to the very end. Furthermore, calculating how much home equity loan you have the potential to use for such home renovations is fairly simple to do. It's calculated by taking the value of the current market value of your home and subtracting what you still owe on your mortgage to see what's available for you to use for your DIY projects.

Of course, you'll have to build up a portfolio of work, so to speak, through documenting your home DIY projects from start to finish. Here, pictures can speak a thousand words. But why not consider even taking short videos of your work and posting these to social media to gain extra exposure? On the other hand, if home DIY is not what you're good at or have the slightest interest in pursuing, there are other types of hobbies that have materialized into producing revenue streams.

A penny for your thoughts?

Here, we're referring to starting your own blog if you have a passion for sharing your knowledge about different topics with others. Moreover, you can even earn a passive income with blogging through placement ads, or affiliate marketing for example.

The wonders of the web

The same applies if you want to promote your website and generate revenue at the same time. With Google AdSense, you can tailor your advertising strategy to a specific subset of your target audience by using the Display Network option of Google AdSense, for example.

Capturing the world in motion

Photography is a popular hobby with the potential to earn you some serious money down the line. After all, taking the perfect picture takes a serious amount of skill. And if you're talented at it and want to share the beauty of the world with others, this is certainly easy and quite profitable to do, too.

Social media is the bee's knees

As mentioned before, posting about your hobby or passion that is teetering on becoming a fully-fledged business on social media is a surefire way to gain exposure - and get the extra business you need. In fact, social media has done wonders for many businesses just starting out, regardless of your chosen niche. In addition to increasing your reach, social media is a complementary tool to drive attention back to your website or blog. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to significantly increase your ROI (return on investment) through paid advertising.

If getting started on social media sounds intimidating, there are many online tools that can help simplify and streamline things for you. For example, picking a YouTube banner template that allows you to add your own fonts and images can make launching your channel a little easier. You’ll still have to do the hard work of (engaging, gaining follow

ers, etc.), but there are many great tools that take some of the busywork off the table.

When your passion becomes your business

Oftentimes, hobbies or passions that you are extremely invested in also have the potential to become full-time ventures almost overnight. Furthermore, it becomes easier for people to buy into your idea when they can feel your passion shining through. But it is when you finally start reaping the rewards for all your efforts, that you realize that you can truly be happy (and earn an income) doing something you love to do.

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