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How to hang curtains without mistakes??

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

How to hang your curtains without mistakes??

These are most common mistakes people do when they are hanging there curtain and window treatments.

By avoiding these mistakes you're gonna have many positive things as you're gonna make:

1- your ceilings look higher.

2- make your windows look bigger.

3- you're going to allow more lights to enter your room

curtains design

How to get all these

1- Curtains rods hanging

- don't hang your curtain rod too low or directly upon the window

- the best way to hang them is too close to your ceiling height it really make all the difference in the final look and outcome of your drapes raising your curtains will draw the eye up naturally it will make the window look taller and give the illusion that you have higher ceiling

The rules for hanging curtains rod

- Is about halfway to two-thirds up between the top of your window frame and your ceiling

- Or directly below your ceiling by two to three inches.

- If you have crown molding you can hang it about 3/4 inch below your molding if you want go for even more impact.

curtains with modern design

2- don't narrow your rod width to the same width size of your window, just at least leave from 4 to 6 inches wider than the outer frame of your window

So the goal here is when you open your curtain they’re gonna be gathered in front of the either side of your window and then just the edges of your drapes are overlap the edges of your window this will make the illusion that you have larger windows and also allow more light to come onto your room since it is not blocking the light

3- don't buy a curtain panels not wide enough for your windows, the rule for that is to buy one and half to two times the width of your windows

4- Don’t purchase a too short curtains panel

There 4 types of the curtains hanging

- The kiss type which is the curtain bottom should kiss the floor in this case you should measure you’re the length from the top of the curtain to the floor curtain carefully to get exactly the look to latterly hovering perfectly on the surface of the floor to do that before you hang your rod, hang the curtain to your rod and mark or pin them while you’re already hanging. It is not a formal look so better to use this type in a living room or a game room.

- Puddle hangs length is more dramatic one to hang curtains and it is not easy to keep clean to get puddle look add extra 2 to 3 Inches to your measurements beyond the floor. Puddle length is the formal look it is highly recommended at dining room.

- Break puddle length is in between kissing the floor length and the puddle length you get this look by adding half to one inch to the curtain length

- Floating message is to make your curtain length shorter than touching the floor by half inch no more to avoid bad look of short curtains.

It is the best type to keep your curtain bottom clean but it is less formal the other types so it is recommended in living rooms and game rooms

- Too much tall curtain is going extreme with Puddle look so don’t do more than two inches for puddle

More tips to hanging a curtain

You could hang curtain without sewing by using iron on

To hang curtain directly from ceiling you could use

- Ikea curtain wire system

- Mount your rod brackets directly to the ceiling instead of the wall

- You could use a curtain track directly from the ceiling

- There are a lot of materials to choose from for your favorite curtains, as sheer, blackout, linen, and more. You’re gonna choose what you need depends on:

Are you looking for a privacy? in this case don't use a sheer curtain.

Are you looking for controlling light that going to your room through window to sleep better? In this case most likely you need a blackout curtain or layered curtain

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