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Design Mistakes Everyone Tends to Make

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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With every success comes a series of trails and errors and your home decor is no exception! After all, don't feel bad because no one gets decorating right from the first try. (Even Designers!)

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This is a guide to help you learn from others mistakes and maybe you can get it right from the first time.

1 Quality Over Quantity One of the biggest mistakes one can do is buying pieces that are cheaper at the moment, because it will end up fading, scratching or breaking due to the poor design quality. Once you understand that investing in quality pieces now will save you money in the long-run and will last you a lifetime, everything will be worth it. Quality does not have to be expensive, a suggestion here will be going to flea markets or consignment stores looking for used but high quality pieces. Not everything has to purchased at one, so take your time and enjoy the process.

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2 Impulse Shopping Another design mistake is making a large purchase at once, for example buying a matching bedroom set. The reason behind that is furniture is actually sometimes accumulated without space planning. Keep in mind trends change, so choose pieces that will speak to you and help you inhabit your home. Be clear on your taste, what you need to be happy and develop a plan.

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3 Decorating With Posters It's time to let go of buying posters and start investing in framed art to decorate your walls. Art does not necessarily have to be bought from galleries. Look at your local markets or on Etsy, or even finding the nearest art school and support a young artist. Create a your own gallery wall to make your home feel more personal.

4 Mixed Up Measurements

We all did that mistake, purchasing furniture that were either too big or too small for the space. Well, simply people tend to forget about measuring! It is really important to measure

your space and create a simple floor plan to make sure it feels balanced and functional. Using a blue tape is the easiest way to envision and make sure everything is going to work out in the space.

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5 Not Enough Blank Space Feeling the need to fill every little spot is a common design mistake one tends to do. For example overfilling the walls with art, lining the perimeter of the space with furniture, or cramming too many chairs into a space. This leaves

no negative space for the eye to rest. Start simple, maybe with an area rug that will define the space and build off that footprint. Always make sure to leave room for walkways and transitions between furniture areas.

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Enjoy The Process & Take it Slow!

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