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Bathroom Remodels: How To Get Started Without Busting Your Budget

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

bathroom remodeling

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Choosing to remodel a bathroom is a big job, with lots to plan for and consider. Not only do you have to clean the area and prep it for changes, but you also have to think about a budget, look for materials and tools, and figure out how you’ll accomplish everything you want to achieve. You’ll need to decide what you can tackle yourself, and when it’s time to hire the expertise of Interior Connection. Keep reading for some great tips on how to complete a bathroom remodel, all without breaking the bank.

Plan your time

Depending on the remodel you can go DIY and it can be completed in a weekend, but a full remodel requires time, energy, and money to pull off successfully. Plus, you’ll need to bring in a pro for the big things, such as electrical and plumbing work. One of the biggest issues with a remodel is when a homeowner misjudges the amount of time it will take to complete, leaving them stuck with an unfinished room for weeks or even months.

Figure out your budget

A bathroom remodel can be a great return on investment when it comes time to sell your home, as many buyers specifically look for updated bathrooms when considering a new house. Plus, it could ramp up your home’s value when the time comes for an appraisal.

Your budget will depend upon several factors, including the materials you need, whether you have to hire a pro, and what you can reuse in your existing bathroom. Write down exactly what you want from this remodel, taking into consideration exactly the kinds of changes you want to make, and do some research to find out approximate costs.

This is also a good time to assess whether you’d like to go ahead and make other updates to your home. Getting everything done at the same time can save you headaches down the line. Your bathroom remodel presents a good opportunity to arrange upgrades that won’t affect the work going on in your bathroom. For example, you might have a smart security system installed or have work done to your home’s exterior. If you decide to have this additional work done, be sure to factor it into your budget as you plan your bathroom project.

Using a contractor

As DIY Network explains, some bathroom remodeling projects are simple enough to DIY—even beyond little upgrades like replacing shower curtains. You could replace door fronts or the sink with a little time and a few simple tools, or you could give a vanity finish a refresher. For a full-on remodel, a contractor is going to give you a better bathroom, hands down. And working with a reputable company will ensure you get the bathroom you want, with the quality you and your household deserve.

Use existing items

You can update your bathroom quite a bit and still use a few pieces from its current state. This can help save money and time, but you may need to get creative. For instance, think about ways to keep the plumbing exactly where it is, as adding pipes and drains can get pretty expensive. In fact, relocating pipes can add hundreds—or even thousands—to the cost of your project. You can also look for new ways to use old decor, such as breaking up a mirror to make a mosaic piece over the toilet.

Update the lighting and countertops

Lighting is a great way to update a room because it provides so much without costing an arm and a leg. Unless you need new wiring, you can add new fixtures and bulbs without busting your budget. Think about task lighting, which will provide illumination around the mirror, and recessed lighting, which often works best over the tub or toilet.

Quartz countertops can give your bathroom a luxurious feel, and they’re favored by many homeowners because they’re resistant to cracking, chipping, and staining. But quartz can be expensive. An installation can run anywhere from $80 to $150 per square foot. The more counter space you have, the more you’ll pay. Less expensive options worth considering are laminate, solid surface or tile. These cost considerably less than quartz, and they can provide amazing results.

Remodeling a bathroom comes with a lot of decisions to make, so take your time during the planning stages to ensure nothing is overlooked. You’ll have a hard time staying on budget if you keep adding items as you go, so preparation is key. With a good plan, you can redo your bathroom on schedule and be enjoying your new space in no time.

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