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Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Bench are very functional since it takes a tiny space

Best area to add benches are

1- Bedroom at the foot of the bed.

2- Dining room at the dining table

3- Entryways

Benches at the foot of the Bed

It is a great idea to add a bench at the end of a bed if you have the space for it. Benches adding function, style, and personality to your bedroom. In all spaces even they are small or large bedrooms since it doesn't take up a lot of space.

As we mentioned it add functional solution since it provides a perfect spot to sit down when you're getting dressed or putting shoes on. And also, there are many storage benches

as, upholstered bench that opens up you easily storage your extra, or seasonal pillows, duvet and throw


Benches at Dining Tables

It is a trend to Put a bench on one or both sides of a dining table to create a casual vibe, but never do this for a formal dining room.

There are two types of dining benches

Benches, or banquettes create a custom and cozy look and don’t take a lot of space

1- Regular benches are an awesome way to break up formal

look of chairs around a table and also give more seating than a regular chair around table.

2- Built-in benches which is usually up against the wall in small dining areas or breakfast nooks.

When you choose your bench, and you are a minimalist person or want to keep the look super simple you could go with a matching table/bench set,

benches for living room

Or make it unique look in a completely different style that stands out. The point her that you better choose only one to be a focal point for your dining table either the bench or the chairs.

There are many ways also to add a unique look to the bench as adding some nice color pillows to it.

Benches in Entryways

Using a bench at the entryway is awesome way to add functional spot to sit, creates a drop zone, and give a stunning look for your entryway, specially, when you add some hooks above it, to hang up coats and bags over the bench’s back, which can look a little messy.

or you could add artwork above it

Also, if you have a separate mudroom or side entry, it is great to place a bench to add seating for putting your shoes on or dropping a bag.

What is the bench style for your entryway?

You could choose a backless, upholstered, natural wood, or whatever you prefer. It’s more about your personal taste and preferences, but it is important to tie it with a matching style of the closest area to this entryway especially if it is open area with the entryway.

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