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Do you have ideas of what you want to do for your decor but are afraid to pull the trigger because you have made mistakes before? Maybe you have a lot of ideas but need help honing in on your design plan and making decisions. Whatever it may be- I'm here for you! 


I am here for you to bounce ideas off of- send me the furniture and decor you are considering and I’ll give you my honest option if its right for your space (or send you alternatives) so you don’t make costly mistakes and have to pay restocking fees and deal with returning stuff. You select the time block that suits your project best.

 I’ll ask you to send me a “things to tackle” list, we typically can accomplish 5 question areas per week. , sourcing or questions per week so consider that as you are determining the best package for you. In the end, you will have a cohesive game plan, products ordered and a clear understanding of how to execute the plan for each area.

Renders and concept boards are NOT included in this service but can be added for an additional fee at any point.

You can email, text, Pinterest collaboration, schedule a video chat (in zoom- it’s recorded), or schedule a phone call Monday- Friday 10-5 pm EST. If you message me outside those hours I’ll respond to you the next business day.

Bring all of your design questions. We will work our way down your “things to tackle” list and cover as many questions as possible within the time limit you selected.


Ask questions pertaining to ANY room in your house a few examples:

-New house is being built but you have so many questions!

-Choosing and ordering furniture that works best in the space.

-Selecting decorative items to finish the room.

-Choosing art for each room.

-Take me shopping with them digitally so we can make decisions on the spot.

-Rearranging and re-purposing existing furniture from various rooms in the house.

-Accessories & styling new/ existing decor.

-Purchasing and sourcing new furniture.

Designer on Call- 1 Week


Designer on Call- 1MONTH

                 $ 900

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