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My name is Lamyaa Hassan, an enthusiastic, self-motivated, hard-working, professional freelance Interior Designer, with 15+ years of experience. I was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt but currently living in Houston, Texas. 


Received a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Helwan University in Egypt. In addition, later on earned a degree in Interior Design from New York Institute of Art and Design. 


Using Interior design striving to create beautiful, creative solutions. I believe my purpose is to help bring awareness to how design can improve the world by improving the environment in which we live, in every possible way.  


Being a freelancer made me a quick-learner, great at budgeting, and being comfortable with the whole project management stages. Proficient with Autocad, Sketchup, and Photoshop. 


I am extremely passionate about residential design, specifically the kitchen design. Believing that the kitchen is a place for the soul; it's the heart of the home. Designing kitchens is very crucial, because it needs to speak clearly to the people who are going to bring life to it. Measuring the success of the design by the pleasure it brings to the users, the joy of feeling at home. 

Whether you are interested in any of the services, would like more information, or just want to say hi... please reach out and let's become fast friends!

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